Healthy Teeth

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and Strong

Science has already shown a strongly positive correlation between the state of one’s oral health and general wellbeing. If you visit homepage of leading dental experts, excellent oral health is often equated with optimum nutrition, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced immunologic and central nervous system functioning, among others. Since being able to chew on food is crucial to initiate digestion, the health and strength of the teeth are important in optimum dental and oral health.

Here are some tips on how to keep your pearly whites healthy and strong:

Brush and floss your teeth the correct way

It is not enough that you brush and floss your teeth at least twice and once a day, respectively. What is more important is the way you perform these activities to make sure that you are able to remove every bit of food particles and other debris from your teeth and the other surfaces in your oral cavity. This includes the tongue and the inner sides of your cheek. Bacteria and other microorganisms can also reside in these areas so even if you do manage to brush your teeth, there is still a likelihood that these microorganisms will again move towards the dentition. Experts recommend brushing for not less than 2 minutes at a time. There are timers that allow you to check if you’ve already reached the 2-minute mark.

Visit your dentist regularly, with or without a dental problem

Most folks only visit their dentists if a problem crops up. Sadly, by then it would already be too late. Ideally, dental visits should be accomplished every 6 months, although if you have a dental problem then it is imperative that you seek immediate dental care. The idea is for you to be updated of the status of your teeth. If it is exceptionally healthy, then your dentist can recommend products or activities that you can perform to help protect it and keep it in its pristine condition. If you already have beginning signs of plaque formation, your dentist can remove these easily before it becomes tartar and start eating up at your teeth’s enamel. You’ll actually be surprised at the many things you will discover every time you visit your dentist.

Take care of your teeth

Your teeth may be harder than your bone, but they will still need some form of protection. If you engage in contact sports, make sure you wear appropriate teeth protectors to shield them from blows. Don’t also use your teeth to open bottle caps as some folks normally do in the absence of a bottle opener. Never bite onto things that are not supposed to be bitten. You don’t use your teeth to crack open a coconut, do you?

Steer clear of acidic foods and drinks

Highly acidic foods have a way with eroding the protective film that coats the surface of the teeth. Sure, this thin film is quite strong. However, with repeated contact with highly acidic stuff it will also degrade over time. While citrus fruits provide you with exceptional levels of Vitamin C for healthier skin and improved immune system, they don’t really sit well with the teeth. You can still eat these, why not? However, you will need to brush your teeth immediately after or, at the very least, gargle with a mouthwash.

Avoid starchy and overly sweet foods and drinks

Just as highly acidic foods can be detrimental to your teeth, so are starchy and overly sweet foods like chocolates, candies, and others. These provide you with energy to last the whole day. Sadly, they also provide energy to the microorganisms inside your mouth. If any of these foods remain on the surface of your teeth, microorganisms can migrate to these areas, feed on them, and proliferate. At the same time, the microorganisms will be producing biofilm which will slowly eat away at your teeth’s enamel until the dentin is fully exposed. The end result is the beginnings of periodontal or gum disease.

Keeping your teeth healthy and strong is all about observing meticulous dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist, with or without a dental problem. It also involves staying away from acidic, overly sweet, and starchy foods. Best of all, you’d have to do everything you can to protect your teeth at all costs.