How An Alcoholic Rehab In Anaheim Has Helped Reduce Incidents of DUI

On a Saturday night just like any other, Dana (not her real name) went out for dinner with a friend. Because the plan was to eat out, she did not think twice about driving. However, they decided to share a bottle of wine along with their meal. As they were certainly having fun, they decided to move to a bar close by for some more drinks.

Dana felt good and confident that she could drive. She first drove her friend home and went on her way home. While doing so, she ended up swerving her car, narrowly missing another car on the street. She hit a tree and blacked out.

These stories are not that uncommon. Unfortunately, others usually end up with lives being lost. People who drink often tend to play down their drinking and the risk they pose out there on the streets. Some of them escape without getting into an accident or being stopped by police. But every single day, people like these are among many others on the streets. At any time they can lose control and take away bright futures and loved ones.

The Dangers Of Drunk Driving
Tons of alcoholics or drinkers wait until they get caught by police or get involved in an accident before they realize they have a problem. However, friends and family members should encourage them to seek help beforehand. Even if they feel capable of driving, the liquor in their systems already makes them a danger to others.

Drinking affects you in many ways. Your reaction time, in case of unforeseen circumstances like a pedestrian crossing the street, is much slower compared to when you are sober. You may also find your eye, hand, and foot coordination poorer making it difficult to avoid any accident. In fact, drunk drivers can barely even walk straight, much less operate a vehicle.

Other effects of alcohol include lower concentration and even impaired vision. Judgment, which is vital in assessing situations while driving, is much poorer when the driver has alcohol in his system. In short, instead of being a competent driver, you are simply an accident waiting to happen.

Rehabs Make The Streets Safer
Going to rehab before getting into trouble on the streets can really save lives. There is, in fact, no need to wait for a judge to order you to visit one because by that time, it is too late and you would have been charged with DUI (driving under the influence).

Specialist Anaheim DUI Lawyer AGHA said “one specialist rehab, in particular, has been actively working with bars and clubs in identifying potential patients. By reaching out to these people who visit these places and insist on driving home intoxicated, they have been essential in making the streets safer for everyone else. Their work has also saved these individuals from unwanted convictions, numerous costs, and other legal problems”.

This rehab (who prefers to remain anonymous) is truly a gem to the community, using their valuable work to reduce incidences of DUI and saving lives. As people like Dana have time and time again proven, these alcoholics are making poor decisions after drinking. Thanks to specialists at this rehab, they are showing them a different path.