Easy Tips To Help You Care For Your Teeth

There are many ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy, but not everyone cares for their teeth as if it were second nature. However, dentists and parents have always reminded children to cultivate good dental habits so that they avoid needing dental operations in the future.

If you are only starting to be aware of your dental health, then you might as well start with the basics. This website will show you how you can keep your teeth healthy using simple and natural ways.


  1. Brush your teeth properly

This is an advice as old as time. Of all the dental care tips you will ever encounter, you should always remember this advice because it is the most basic way of removing bacteria from your teeth and tongue. However, there is a proper way of brushing your teeth.

Start with brushing your teeth on one side. Stroke them up and down until you move towards the center of your front teeth. Do the same to the other side. Brush the tips of your teeth and the back of your front teeth. Don’t brush too hard because your gums might bleed. The whole brushing process should take at least two minutes. You can play a short song to make sure you’re not doing it too fast.

Your toothbrush also plays a big role in keeping your teeth clean. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 2-3 months to make sure that they still function well. If you plan on getting a new one, find something that has fine bristles so that it can also clean the space between your teeth.


  1. Say no to sugary foods

No matter what your age, it’s always so tempting to eat sugary foods. However, you should know that eating too much of these foods can damage your teeth in the long run.

Sugar consumption is directly related to tooth decay. When you eat sugar, the bacteria in your saliva converts it into acids that damage the enamel on your teeth. Too much acid in the mouth can lead to tooth decay. If you like eating candy, you can replace this by eating sugarless gum. Gum helps produce more saliva. Having a lot of saliva can neutralize all the acids that stay in your mouth.


  1. Say no to smoking and alcohol

You should also say no to smoking and alcohol. These vices contribute to tooth discoloration. What’s worse is that you also damage your liver or your lungs in the process.

Being an occasional drinker or smoker is not bad, but for the sake of your dental health, make sure that you brush your teeth after you do so. If you don’t have a toothbrush, a mouthwash will do.


  1. Say yes to fruits and vegetables

If your reason for eating a lot of sweets is to have something to munch on, then you can replace this with eating sliced fruits or a prepared salad. Although fruits have sugar, they also have nutrients that make your teeth strong (take note: dried fruits are not counted as healthy for your teeth). They also have antibacterial properties that help cleanse your mouth of excess sugar and bacteria.

What’s also good to know about eating fruits and vegetables is that they help your teeth become stronger. Foods rich in minerals like calcium help in making your teeth more resistant to tooth decay.


  1. Visit your dentist

A dentist is still your best option if you want to know the status of your teeth. Going to the dentist should be done twice a year or every six months to make sure your teeth are still clean or if any serious damage has been done over the past months.

During these visits, you should also tell your dentist if you notice pain in your teeth. This can be a sign of an impacted tooth or gum infection. As much as possible, you want your dentist to know so that they can check your teeth for signs of dental diseases.

These five tips are easy to do, but you need to have the discipline to do it. Your teeth play an important role in digesting your food, so you also have to give enough attention to its health. Besides, would you want to wait for the day when you start losing teeth?